What are we measuring?

The Unconscious: We understand the unconscious as a conflict resolving entity, designed to process stress, automatically leading us from a state of conflict to one of resolution. The unconscious is reflected in our creativity, and therein allows us a template to evaluate and measure its processes.

We observe within a story a circumscribed entity, with a beginning, middle, and end, resolving conflict. This process illustrates two scientific patterns that maintain equilibrium.

The first is a dialectic that follows the laws of Simple Harmonic Motion, the laws of the pendulum osciliation.
The second is the formal operations of the equlibrial scale, translated into three dichotomies, passive/ active, antagonism/ cooperation, alienation/mutual respect.

All stories have a predictable structure, beginning from a conflict and ending with a resolution. They demonstrate different ways of resolving conflict. Stories have an energetic function that reduces psychic tension. They also have a moral function helping us to shift from passivity to activity, antagonism to cooperation, and alienation to mutual respect.