Institute of Conflict Analysis
Wilburton Drive, Manchester Village, VT, 05254


Partners and Partner Organizations:

The Museum of the Creative Process is a center of creative discovery, innovative research, and intellectual retreat. Located in historic Manchester Village on the estate of the Wilburton Inn, the Museum brings together a global array of both modern and traditional creativity. More than just an art center, the Museum is dedicated to understanding the psychological properties of creativity, bridging art and science to gain insight into human relations, interpersonal and intrapsychic conflict.


The Conflict Analysis Battery was created by Albert Levis, MD. Albert, a native of Athens, Greece has been a practicing psychiatrist for more than forty years. Trained at the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne, the University of Chicago, and at Yale, Albert is the author of many books and articles, including The Formal Theory of Behavior, Conflict Analysis Training, and Science Stealing the Fire of the Gods. Before retiring to Manchester, Vermont, Albert directed the Center for the Study of Normative Behavior in Hamden, Connecticut. Albert continues to lecture throughout the region and lead workshops at the Museum campus.

Research Director:

Maxwell Levis, Albert’s youngest son, leads the internship program and current research initiatives. A graduate of Columbia, Harvard, and Boston Universities, Maxwell recently completed his PhD, evaluating the online effectiveness of the Conflict Analysis Battery.