• A Didactic, Diagnostic, and Therapeutic Personalized Program of Emotional Education

How it works

The Conflict Analysis Battery is an interactive learning program unlike any other psychological test or intervention. It is based on the scientific evaluation of the unconscious as a measurable mechanism, connecting emotions and behaviors into a conflict resolution pattern. It is didactic, diagnostic and therapeutic, valid and reliable, yet responsive, humanistic, and meaningful. Completing the program is both an intellectual and an emotional experience. It is a concise, personalized program of emotional education that may be used both as a routine self-evaluation and in the context of training or therapy. Our vision is that it become the standard psychological evaluation, but also that it be used within the classroom, the boardroom, and the prison, allowing personal growth with minimal need for professional services.

Self Discovery

The Online Conflict Analysis Program provides all the tools for insight and self-optimization

Leadership Development

Improve creative collaboration and help your professional team grow through using our wellness technology

Classroom Curriculum

Bring emotional education to the classroom and provide students with tools for self-knowledge

Case Study Feedback

Learn from others' experience and hear about their experiences completing the program

Workshops and Training

Join us for personal training and group seminars at our Vermont research hub, training center, and retreat

Research Innovation

Discover the science of the mind, learn about the program's development, and new research initiatives

Client Reports
  • I felt this program was informative, presenting clear relevant information:

  • I felt this program presented useful non-stigmatizing diagnostic categories:

  • I felt this assessment was diagnostic; it helped me to identify my relational diagnosis:

  • The program was therapeutic; it helped me to better understand my self and to think of making changes:

Rate of agreement from 150 randomly sampled online clients. The numbers confirm that the program is diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational, providing a meaningful non-stigmatizing, guide towards happier, healthier lives.